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Use this form to request an Architectural change to the exterior of your home/property. Select the appropriate category, or 'Other', and describe the change in as much detail as possible. This submitted form will be addressed by the ARC, and logged by the Management Company. A final disposition of your request will be sent to you. Note that this application is only valid for six months. If modification is not started within six months, a new application will be required.

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- Reference sample roof colors in Fitness Center, or contact ARC member.

Describe, in detail, the type of alteration, the deminsions, materials, colors, design, and location of placement, as well as a sketch and site survey of your property. This is required information for a modification request to be considered for approval  (Required)
Select file containing image of Property Survey with Sketch. Max. size 4 Megabytes.

I/We hereby make application to the Architectural Review Board for the above described alterations, additions, or modifications. I/We understand that the approval of our request must be granted before any installment/construction commences. Any installment/construction made before formal written approval may need to be removed.

Important-Please Read: Conditions for Approval

I hereby covenant and agree to hold the Association, its directors and officers, its property manager and its employees, the Developer and Builder harmless from any claim of injury or damage due to the possible approval of this request and from any damages which may ultimately be found to have been proximately caused by the approved improvement as installed or constructed and to indemnify same for any resulting expenses, including attorney's fees and associated costs, which any of the foregoing may incur at any stage of any claim made, including pursuit. Incidentally to any approval that may be granted pursuant to this request, I agree that nothing may be permanently installed in any platted easement area, including lake, drainage or utility easements. I agree that approval by the Architectural Review Board is for appearance only and does not imply that any review has been made of the structural or other adequacy of the improvement nor does it replace or in any way substitute for approval by appropriate governmental authorities. I further agree that any improvement made or constructed pursuant to this request, if approved, shall continue to be subject to all relevant provisions of the Declaration and of the Rules and Regulations of the Association and of the Architectural Review Board. I acknowledge and agree that a copy of this request will be attached to any approval of same and all terms and conditions found herein shall be incorporated into the approval as if fully rewritten therein.

Send "$300 Deposit", for Pool Requests, to the Management Company.

Send "Site/Property Survey and Sketch or Diagram" to the Management Company.

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