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Home Security Systems:

Each of our homes came equipped with a security system to provide additional protection, whether we are home or away. At a minimum, I would recommend that the system be used when you are away, to sound the alarm for any unwanted intrusions. Just the sound of a shrieking alarm will ward off most intruders.

However, the use of a security monitoring service, now provided to Stonehaven residents by TMC (The Monitoring Center), adds an additional level of protection. Note that the cost of monitoring your system is included in your HOA dues, so it makes sense to activate the monitoring services.
Note that the service uses your phone's landline to notify the monitoring center of an alarm event. If you do not have a landline, a cell line can be set up for an additional $10/month.

Once you activate the monitoring service, TMC will be notified, via automated phone call from your security system, whenever the alarm has been triggered. They will, in turn, call your phone number on record to verify whether or not the alarm was warranted, or merely a false alarm.

Did you know that more than 95% of all alarms are false, but it's those other 5% for which you will be thankful you have the service.

For all non-false alarms, TMC will notify PBSO, if and only if they have your PBSO permit number on file. Note that TMC MUST provide PBSO with a permit number when they contact PBSO. If no PBSO permit number is on file, THEY WILL NOT CONTACT PBSO. If the PBSO permit number on file is no longer valid, PBSO will advise upon dispatching. Once PBSO makes contact with the client, the client is made aware and it is the client's responsibility to update the permit with PBSO and to inform TMC of the correct permit number. (a citation fee may be issued to TMC and then forwarded to the homeowner for payment). Note that you MUST have an active PBSO Alarm Permit to ensure that PBSO will respond and to avoid a $260.00 PBSO fine. The cost for the permit is $25.00 annually and the application can be found at alarms.pbso.org, or by calling PBSO at 688-3695.
Contact TMC at 866-247-4999, if in doubt.

So you have the following options:

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Activate Your System

To activate monitoring, contact TMC at 866-247-4999. For activation of the monitoring service, a TMC representative will be dispatched to your home to obtain pertinent information, via an activation form, and to test your system. There is no cost for this service, but any repairs and additions to the system, that you authorize, will be billed to you.

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Test Your System

The Monitoring Center encourages its customers to test their alarm system monthly. For details, visit the TMC website.
You can also dial their 24/7 Monitoring Facility at 1-866-247-4999 and select option 5 to speak to a live operator.

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